Rise and Shine for Global Azure 2021 with AZUG Manila

All about Data, DevOps, Architecture & Continuous Learning

I was up earlier than usual. It was three o'clock in the morning on a glorious Saturday. Actually it was seven minutes passed three. So by the time I got to check my messages (after first smothering myself with a layer of hydrating facial serum), my co-hosts, Jon and Penny, were already wondering if I overslept and would miss my own event. But how could I?

It was the last day of Global Azure 2021, and we were organizing the community sessions for AZUG Manila. It started at ten Philippine time, which was barely at dawn from my side of the planet. I had to tiptoe my way around the house to get ready, and avoid waking up Frankie (the sleepy puppy). A small feat for such a fruitful day, which I’m proud to share here

I talked about cloud architecture and went through the Five Pillars of Excellence, described in the Microsoft Azure Well Architected Framework.

My main call to action is to build great solutions by investing time on good, pre-emptive and sustainable design.

If you're into data and analytics, checkout Emil , JP and Ian's sessions.

Bryan, challenged by the untimely internet issue in his area, was prepared enough to record his talk about continuous deployment & testing.

And Jonah , as inspiring as always, encourages us to keep on learning and sharing our knowledge in return.

I must admit, running a tech event, together with people you share language and culture with, always leave you with a sense of comfort. Perhaps it's the common understanding of each other's challenges and achievements that makes it feel like-- what's the word? Home.

Thanks to the GlobalAzure team for bringing us all together as one community, with a diverse, global perspective on all things Azure.

Now let me share what six hours of live streaming does to you:


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