Did you remember to list your why's?

The first week of 2022 went by in a blink. Whether you believe in New Year's resolution or not, we all reflect on the year that we've left behind, and place our hope in the year ahead.

2021 is like waking up from a nightmare, only to realize that you're still on another dream. A layered alter-reality. Life kept on. You lived it the best (or worst) you could. But the scene wasn't quite right. Like in any multi-layer dreams where you start getting your consciousness back, the circumstances around you, that odd way your friend looked, those strange clothes you would never wear in real, tells you that you're not completely in control, yet.

Don't be alienated. You're not alone. If you're questioning yourself about what you did last year and plan to do now, wondering how on earth did anyone accomplish so much and commit more in the future, you're asking the wrong question.

Does it really matter how much we have achieved and aspire to do?

The other day, I was reflecting on my own list of done's and to-do's. I wanted to write it down so one day I can tell myself - hey Marilag, well done! Days went by, and I couldn't write a single word. I felt uneasy. Somehow, I couldn't articulate a fundamental idea, something basic inside all of us, that felt more important than the number of our accomplishments and plans.

What gives us the most profound sense of self-satisfaction?

Today I found my answer.

What makes me happy is actually not how much I've done, but knowing in the deepest level why I did it.

We could be doing a hundred things and still feel inadequate (I know this for sure). We could plan a long list of action items, and think it's not enough. We compare ourselves to our friends, colleagues, hell, even to our loved one's, and count our differences in figures. The truth is, numbers, while important to measure success, can't always tell you how success feels like.

Reflecting on my why-list of 2021 gave me more joy than looking at my (partly) completed to-do list. It’s what I want to remember and would love to share with the world.

Outside of my family life, I spend most of my time growing our tech company, Dewise, co-starting Ulap.org and contributing to various tech communities.


Why do I give my heart to it? I do it because...

  • There are good people who wholeheartedly chose to be part of it, who work hard for their own success and for the success of others. I feel privileged to work with them

  • Poverty and inequality cause us so much pain. We ought to find a cure in our own little way

  • Technical jobs are so critical to our society. Yet, for us average people, it’s hard. Training and mentoring should be democratized

  • It gives me 3 things that do improve the quality of life: knowledge, money and friends

  • I love it. I love coding. I love solving problems and designing systems. I love achieving common goals with other people. It’s fun!

How about you? Did you remember your why’s for this year?

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